Friday, November 26, 2010

Old ....Gold.... Manyfold....

Last week one of my friends pointed it out...that I am thinking and writing more about my native village.... then only I realised it. True, I am writing more about my village, not only in light reading articles...why? I think it is because of I am getting old...yes am near to my half century...
Is it a fact that people loosing romaticim while aging? Yes I meant it... may be old age makes mental blocks to 'romeoism', but the real romantic fever starts only after 40 I belive. Now I love my parents more, I love my tharavaadu (native home) more, I spell more about my village and childhood to my wife, and children. And now I smell my village in my every spellings... one day my son said,"dad I think you love more and more your old village than our new city, N number of people think to perch in towns.. do you believe the old proverb old is gold is true?..." I thought a while and said dear, yes, it is true, old is gold; ofcourse many fold. But you will feel only later..."


  1. Nostalgia... Yes, It is a yearning for times, especially for some golden moments of the past.